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JI-GLOBA runs about domestic and overseas distribution, logistics, manufacturing, and selling as main business.

Nowadays, we expand to make a lot of deals for food and beverage, seasoning, general goods, clothes,

and construction work.


In addition, we have some service for individual project.

From now on, JI-GLOBA expects to support more requirement by our experience from domestic and overseas business.



Overseas manufacturing

We manage to manufacture and delivery customer requested products from foreign countries with one-stop service and cost saving offer.

Our factories and partner factories are located in the central of Asia which mainly work about metal, resin, and clothing. The majority of our clients are domestic manufacturers in Japan.

※ There are sample images for protecting customer information.


Survey, reclaiming, supply, import/export of overseas products, and negotiating with foreign suppliers

We support legal business and personal business for survey, reclaiming, supply, and import/export client products to central of Asian trading as China and Thailand. Regarding to import/export service, we also provide your products to Third country.

In addition, we could manage and intermediate about sales agency negotiation and OEM agreement with foreign suppliers in Japan.


Flexible Response

Other regular services, we support to solving client problem based on our own network experience.

We work not only domestic but also international with flexibly as possible, so please feel free to contact us.

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